The Annual Giving Campaign-Helping to Create Bright Futures image

The Annual Giving Campaign-Helping to Create Bright Futures

Help support the Foundation's mission to Enhance Educational Excellence by donating to our annual giving campaign!

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The Annual Giving Campaign raises funds that are directed to support the Foundation and its’ mission.

Our mission is to provide ongoing financial support to the district, ensuring students have access to the best educational opportunities possible. Since 1985, we have been significantly improving the lives of students and educators in our community through the help of dedicated supporters and generous donations. Our rapidly growing school district now serves over 7,500 students in 12 schools.

We proudly offer scholarships to deserving students, helping them pursue higher education and achieve their dreams.

We have a classroom grant program that supports innovative teaching methods and resources, ensuring the highest quality education for our students by utilizing the following:

  • Music and Literacy Enrichment Programs
  • Innovative Classroom Tools and Technology
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Initiatives
  • New and Emerging Curriculum and Underserved Curriculum Areas

We have special projects, such as facility improvements and technology upgrades, to enhance the educational experience in the Linn-Mar Iowa School District.

Finally, we also fund grants for students with financial needs so they can participate in Linn-Mar academic, athletic and extracurricular activity programs. In the past, we have even been able to help those that just need the basics, because in that moment that is everything to them.

Collectively, we can all make a difference in what is arguably the most challenging time in decades for our educators and students across the state. Our Linn-Mar teachers, staff and administrators are doing an excellent job of juggling new challenges and changing learning environments, while still providing the high level of educational excellence in our schools. You can help them. Support of our annual fund will help us pivot to ever changing needs in the district, enhance our libraries, support innovative technology, grow emerging and under-served curriculum areas and provide enrichment learning experiences for our students.

Please consider giving to our Annual Giving Campaign. You can set up easy recurring donations, as little as $10 a month or if you would rather give a one-time gift you can do that as well! There is no amount too small in support of the mission to enhance educational excellence!

We are so appreciative of our community of donors! None of this is possible without your generosity.

Thank you!